How Can I Contribute?


Charles S. Ensley Scholarship Fund is formed for SSEU Local 371 members pursuing higher degrees in the labor studies. The scholarship fund will provide members with the opportunity to train their abilities, which can serve to strengthen the Union.

Each year in January, SSEU Local 371 Scholarship Fund in the name of Charles S. Ensley holds its Annual Scholarship Fundraising Event. We invite everyone who is willing to support this great cause to join us! Date and time of the next event, as well as tickets pricing and availability will be announced later this year. The proceeds will go to the Scholarship Fund in the name of Charles Ensley.

We rely on your continuous support. We made it easy for all those that are willing to contribute to make quick and secure online donations. Please feel free to make any contribution that feels right to you and fits your budget, knowing that your participation gives a bright light of hope to a new generation of great Labor Leaders.